melissa kelley, lmft

I have extensive experience working with children, teens and families-primarily as a School Counselor in both private and public schools in the SF Bay Area. I also have taught Social and Emotional Learning at several private schools. My ideal client is a child or teen facing the challenges of anxiety, depression, learning or social skills obstacles at school, or adapting to a family change or crisis such as divorce, alcoholism or addiction, or illness. I have also had extensive experience with self harming and suicidal teens and school refusal.
I have in-depth training in expressive arts therapy with children. This includes art, sand tray, and drama therapy. My graduate work also included a focus on mindfulness based therapies, which are now highly utilized in treatment of both anxiety and depression in children and teens.
I am a former research manager at the Stanford Center for the Study of Families, Children and Youth. I have a deep understanding of academic research around child and adolescent development. Perhaps most importantly,  I am the parent (and spouse) of individuals with ADHD, Sensory Issues, Dyslexia, Anxiety and OCD. I have navigated the public school system for IEPs and 504 plans, and worked with Learning Specialists at private schools. I understand the confusion, grief, and anger that can accompany the process of becoming an advocate for a child or teen with behavioral or academic struggles. I have also discovered pathways for acceptance, healing, and unexpected positive outcomes on this journey, for both myself and my family.

Treat each of your patients as a loved one. Feel his pain, his loneliness, his fear. The doctor is effective only when he himself is affected. Only the wounded physician heals.
— Carl Jung