Are you the parent of a teen who is struggling?


Does Your Teen:

  • Have a lot of anxiety around school work?
  • Get sad, withdrawn, or feel really down about themselves?
  • Isolate and rarely spend time with friends?
  • Not believe they are good enough or capable of reaching their goals?
  • Have intense, overwhelming feelings that you find frightening?
  • Struggle to repair relationships with friends when they have normal conflict?
  • Push themselves to be perfect in ways that are self-destructive?
  • Get overwhelmed with the pressures of being a teen in Silicon Valley? 

Therapy can help! I give teens a safe place where they can work through their struggles, talk openly about feeling overwhelmed while learning new, healthy coping tools and communication and friendship skills.  Teens can learn ways to care for themselves, self-soothe when they are upset or overwhelmed, and discover strengths and inner resources and wisdom they never knew they had. Let’s help your teen become the confident, content young adult they can be.

Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.
— Maya Angelou