Children have deep feelings, but sometimes do not yet know how to understand or cope with those feelings.  

Play Therapy

Through the language of play, I help children identify and name their feelings. I trained with Dr. Violet Oaklander in Play Therapy, and frequently use art, sand tray, and puppets to connect with children about their inner world. Together, I work with children and their parents to create new routines, skills and habits to help children cope with uncomfortable or overwhelming feelings.  


Common Issues I have Helped Children with over the course of my career as a Play therapist:

  • Struggles with self-confidence
  • Depression and Anger
  • Challenges with Social Skills and Making Friends
  • Grief and loss (including divorce and family illness)
  • Anxiety, overwhelm, or stress
  • Navigating the world as a Highly Sensitive Child
  • Trauma
  • Coping with Learning Disabilities
  • Phobias

Social Skills Groups

I help lead social skills groups for early elementary school grades based on the Social Thinking Model by Michelle Garcia Winer. Groups take place on weekdays in the late afternoon and early evening at Morrissey Compton Educational Services in Redwood City.  For more information about groups, contact